Sunday, November 22, 2009

Red Light District

So I have been using my Haul quite a bit in the city and I'm still loving it.
I started with customizing the bike and I think I'm half way.......
as you can see I have a new bell, new gold bolds, colored spacers, a mint green saddle and new pedals.

As a local there's no reason to go the red light district in Amsterdam besides if you want to go for a nice dinner.
I was a bit worried with leaving a nice bike like this on the street.
My worries is not about the bike getting stolen ( i have good locks) but more the quick release on the front. I was lucky that night. My bike was still there with the front wheel.

More pictures will follow soon of the customization of my Haul.



  1. Hi Ido,

    For quick release, try the Zefal Lock N' Roll for wheels and saddle.


  2. love the customizations you have done, especially that great mint seat! Sweet!